3 Healthy Benefits of Juicing

3 Healthy Benefits of Juicing

The amazing thing about juicing is that you can literally enjoy the wide spectrum of color that earth natural have to offer. Tasting the rainbow has never been so real and today you will get the read about the awesome benefits that come from extracting all that juicy goodness from your favourite, and maybe for now, now so favourite fruit or vegetable.


1. Don't shy away from red juices, they are usually extremely rich in Vitamin C (good for that luscious skin and much needed bones) and amazing for your blood.  Feel confident that you are drinking nutrients that will aid in reducing inflammation and encouraging healthy and strong heart.

Found in fruits & veggies such as:                                         - Watermelon

                                          - Strawberries

                                          - Beets

                                          - Tomatoes

2. Orange and Yellow won't make you a nasty fellow, it's actually the complete opposite. Yellow juices are phenomenal sources of Beta Carotene ( all the better with to see you with my dear), Alpha Carotene ( for a robust immune system) & Vitamin A ( to help keep your lungs and organs working and moving as they should).  Boost your antioxidant intake and your provided with electrolytes compounds when you usually consume yellow juices - electrolytes keep your muscles from feeling sore post-workout and your hydration levels way up!

Found in fruits and veggies such as:

                                          - Lemon

                                          - Carrot

                                          - Banana

                                          - Sweet Potato

3. As a lot of people are trying to increase their intake of green juices, and for good reason, there are mountains of benefits to be enjoyed and felt. Green juices are usually a high source of Iron ( keeping your red blood cell count high), Folate ( encourages cell and tissue growth), Potassium ( keeping your chemical and water levels well balanced). Green juices should not be intimidating at all, yes for some it does take the time love as it can be an acquired taste but hey - Rome wasn't built in a day so why beat yourself up?

Found in fruits and veggies such as:

                                         - Kale

                                         - Cucumber

                                         - Celery

                                         - Spinach

It's no news, the more colour you add to your life and plate the more nutrients you will consume. You will continuously fuel your body and perform at your constant best without always have to over exhaust yourself.

                                         EAT A RAINBOW EVERY DAY!