How To Start Juicing?

How To Start Juicing?

Do you want to start juicing but feel lost or overwhelmed, or don't know where to start? Here some simple steps to help get you started. First of all there are many different types of juicers that you can use no matter your budget or juicing demands.

First let me introduce you to the different type of juicers you have available to use:

1. Economical - An economical juicer is the best option for a beginner. You can find these at your local Walmart, Best Buy, or even your local discount store. While these juicers are very reasonably priced and are a great way to start, they can require much cleaning and can contain many different pieces which can steal the joy from juicing and they can also be inefficient when it comes to actually juicing the fruits and vegetables as you may not get as much juice as you would expect. Juices made in an economical juicer is to be consumed right away.

Prices range from $50.00 - $150.00


2. Centrifugal - This juicer is the next step up from your economical juicer in terms of cost and efficiency also. They are still typically hard to clean but more efficient. They generally do not have alot of separate pieces and again juices made with these juicers are the consumed right away.

Prices range from $150.00 - $400.00


3. Masticating - This is the juicer The Green Geek currently own to juice all of our juices. These juices are very easy to clean, very efficient, very well made, usually commercial grade but countertop options are available for at home use also. This juicer really squeezes the living juice out of fruits and vegetables and a great sign of a wonderful juicer is the amount of pulp that gets left behind and the amount of juice that left in the pulp after everything passes through the juicer. This juicer has very little of both, quite the investment for your everyday juicer but so worth it. 

Price range : $500.00 - $1500.00

4. All bow to the Norwalk or Angel Juicer - If you own one of these juicers....can we have it please? Ok thanks! This juicer is the KING KONG of juicers. It comes with a hefty price tag but packs a whole lot of function that will blow your mind. It's super everything great! Not much clean up, only commercial grade, very little pulp, alot more juice, very little mess and very expensive. The warranty on one of these bad boys puts all of the other juices to shame. 

Price range - $3000.000 - $13,000.00


I hope this was helpful. If all else fails, just give us a call. We will deal with the mess and clean up.....we love it! Should you have any questions feel free to comment below or send us an email.


Until next time, Sip! Sip! Hooray!!

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