Hey everyone!

It has been quite some time since we posted a blog here but I am so excited to share this chapter with you all, after all we've known each other for almost 4 years! What an amazing 4 years it's been for us and we have you to thank for that and now without much long talk let's get to why you really clicked on this blog post.


I bought Kareem a juicer by fluke a few years ago and he absolutely loved it! We were genuinely looking for more ways, easier ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits into our everyday lifestyle and a $40.00 juicer at the time seemed like the perfect idea. We put that bad boy to work and it we got all of our forty dollars worth because it quickly cranked on us and so we decided it was time to upgrade to something that would hold up much longer because we absolutely fell in love with juicing!

Let me just say though, that we actually started blending before we were introduced to juicing - we started blending smoothies about two and a half years prior to getting this cheap juicer - and we loved blending smoothies because it was so fun for us to come up with recipes that had tons of veggies that you could see by the colour but it tasted nothing like it! Naturally juicing was just as fun and easy for us to do because we created a system that worked for our family and our little one too. 

Kareem and I always tried to use at least one vegetable in every single one of our juices and smoothies at home, it felt odd having an all fruit smoothie to us. I mean we could just add the veggie then why not! As I'm writing this I'm just remembering all of the good times we had as a family bonding over recipe development and then actually seeing the recipe in action in the form of pure liquid gold! JUICE!!

Our son was very young when we started juicing and blending and he always asked for his "smoovie" ( FUN FACT - WE ALMOST CALLED OUR SMOOTHIES, SMOOVIES BECAUSE OF HOW HE USED TO PRONOUNCE IT) but we decided to stick to what people knew instead- who knows we may change it one day or possibly add a kids "SMOOVIE" menu to our site?? HMM?? Do you like the idea of us adding a kids menu? 

The family unit has always held a special place in our hearts because it's truly how we got our start not only on our business but also our health journey and it's saved us alot of headaches (literally) and pain of having to fight with our little one to eat vegetables. Even as adults we sometimes turn up our nose at certain vegetables because the feeling of eating or even drinking fresh produce is absolutely spectacular and it doesn't take long for the benefits to be felt all over.

We would love to have the privilege of serving you and your family some of our delicious, healthy and fresh cold pressed juices. Visit our website to view our menu and everything else we offer. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by email: or follow us on Instagram as we post tons of fun content there as well as educational posts about what we do and why we do things the way we do.

Thanks for joining me today and be sure to come back soon because I will be back soon as well!

Happy Juicing.