At Green Geek we are passionate about 2 things:

1. People. The people who love and support us and you truly are the backbone of our company.

2. The Planet. Because we all have a direct role in to play in protecting our home now and for the future generation. 

We believe it is very important to make decisions that will better you and the world we share. Owning a juice and smoothie bar means we have a part to play in ensuring we responsibly run and operate our business. 



Fresh is best. This is what we live and breathe. We will always serve you food that is never frozen, whole and delicious. Daily, in house we are preparing your food ready to be blended and cooked. Feeding you the best means we are personally handpicking the ingredients that go into every single item on our menu. 




Local sourcing is a crucial part of our growth. Having the first hand opportunity to work alongside local farmers, hearing their stories and seeing the hard work they put in everyday makes it so much easier for us to support their growth. Serving you food that was personally hand picked by farmers who understands the process and importance of growing organic food, from seedling and then being ready to be torn from the ground we love being able to work alongside people who are doing it right for now and forever. 


Want to connect with the amazing grower we work with?

Owen & Sue

Riverdale Farm & Forest




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