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The Green Geek

Jumpstart Juice Feast

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The Jumpstart Juice Feast is a 1 - 7 program involves two main categories: Cleansing and Detoxifying. Cleansing is a nutritional plan giving your body what it needs to perform well, break down its waste and toxins, and not feel bloated, tired, and heavy during the cleansing process. Detoxifying is a specific plan to support your body in eliminating disease-causing agents by using certified organic juices in addition to the cleansing products.


Our Jumpstart Juice Feast contains 6 500ml bottles that's beautiful a array of bright and fresh juices that you drink throughout the day. You drink 1 glass every 2 hours. This makes it so you can start your juice feast just about any time of day leaving you feeling detoxed and refreshed. Great as a first time cleanse or if you're experienced juicer looking for a detox that's simple to enjoy.

You'll Love:

Juice #1: Kale Yeah - Apple. Kale. Lemon. Celery. Ginger. Pear.

Juice #2: Cayenne West - Cayenne. Grapefruit. Orange. Lemon. 

Juice #3: 24 'Carrot' Magic - Apple. Carrot. Orange. Lime. Mint.

Juice #4: Pineapple Express - Apple. Pineapple. Lime. Mint.

Juice #5: Lady In Red - Apple. Beet. Carrot. Lemon. Ginger. 

Juice #6: Nutty Professor - Cashew. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Maple. 


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Dawson

Jumpstart Juice Feast

Sooo Good

The juices tasted absolutely amazing! I felt great after doing this cleanse I can’t wait for my next one! Thank you Green Geek!

Alexis Gibbons
Feeling Cleansed!

I've purchased the Juice Cleanse on multiple occasions. Each time I feel less bloated and that my body is digesting food more efficiently.

This time around I purchased eight additional drinks. That Turtle Coffee... all I can say is yes!!!! So good! Another one of my favorites was Power Up. I've been pleased with every juice and milk I've tasted so far!

Marina Martins

Jumpstart Juice Feast

Eunice M
Better than your average juice beverage

I love how refreshing the taste of your juices. Being a little bit picky I was nervous but I do not regret it