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Green Geek

Lady In Red

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What I Taste Like: Lady in red is a red carrot juice drink that is made with warming flavours to nourish your body and the Beetroot ingredient is what gives it its addictive taste. Spurning all the strong competition, the beets have won again. Made with warming flavours and crunchy carrots, Lady In Red is a savoury and sweet juice with the right amount of vitamin boost sent to satiate your beets cravings.



What I’m Made Of: Apple. Beet. Carrot. Ginger. Lemon. 


How I Help: Eye Health. Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral.


Cold Pressed Juices taste best when consumed soon after opening. In the fridge I will last 4 days, although I don’t usually make it past day 2 (I’m that delicious) 

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Love it!!!!