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Green Geek

Sour Patch Kids

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What I Taste Like: You will love this all natural, good-for-you beverage that tastes exactly like sour patch kids! For decades, kids have loved sour pacth kids snacks, however, there was always that one ingredient missing. What was it? Beets! Now, you can enjoy the same delectable taste of those childhood moments in the comfort of your own home! Mixed with Pineapple and Apple for familiar flavours all the while celebrating everything that has made this classic juice a movement in life as it is in the jar.



What I’m Made Of: Apple. Beet. Ginger. Pineapple. 



How I Help: Over 80% Vitamic C. Energy Boost


Cold Pressed Juices taste best when consumed soon after opening. In the fridge I will last 4 days, although I don’t usually make it past day 2 (I’m that delicious) 


Customer Reviews

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My fave!!

This is my favourite Green Geeks juice. It is a little sweet, a little tart and a whole lot of good for you!!